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You want flexible work...but how do you find it? With any job search you need "sales" tools—a resume, a Linkedin profile and more—but when you're looking for a less traditional job you have to be even more precise about your personal brand and the specific jobs you can fill. This quick, easy and inexpensive course gives you all the tools you need to Find A Flexible Job & Make Work Fit Life!


Know What You're Looking For: What is Flexible Work?
Sharpen the Tools You Need to Find Flexible Work
Who You Are and What You Offer: How to Name Your Professional Brand
The Holistic Resume: Create Just One Version of Your One Life
No More, No Less: Zero in Key Resume Components
How to Write A Resume Summary Statement That's A Megaphone for Your Personal Brand
How to Showcase Both Paid and Unpaid Work
How to Charge Your Resume with High-Voltage, Persuasive Language
Avoid Inaccurate Resume Rumors
Get in the Proverbial Elevator & Give Your Job Search Pitch
Get Linkedin & Uncover Hidden, Flexible Work
Check Off the 8 Musts for A Robust Linkedin Profile
How to Build An Influential Linkedin Tribe
Master the Art & Science of Connecting on Linkedin
Networking Communications: How to Ask for Job Search Help
Your Job Search Roadmap: How to Develop A Strategic Plan
Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse: Start with Easy Job Search Research
The Honesty Exercise: What's Really Your Ideal Job Criteria?
Narrow Your Search: Target the Companies that Interest You Most
Get the Insider's Perspective on Your Target Companies
Mine for Gold in An Information Interview
Pursue the Right Jobs: The Wrong Fit is Always the Wrong Fit
Four Reasons Not to Apply for a Job
Write a Foolproof Cover Letter that Sells Your Fit for A Job
Nail the Interview and Get the Job
Create an Airtight Job Interview Script
Accept Rejection and Carry On
Get In Bonafide Job Seeker Mode

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You need help developing or refining all your job search tools but you don't want to spend well over $100 an hour for a career coach.
  • You want a flexible job, but you don't know where to your job search is more talk than action, or...
  • You've been trying to find a flexible job with no success, and you're convinced non-traditional jobs do not exist. 

Find A Flexible Job & Make Work Fit Life is an easy, inexpensive way to get on track for long-term financial security. There is no longer only one traditional, more than full-time, sell-your-soul way to work. With the right tools and strategy all women can blend work and life at every age and stage.

About 9 Lives for Women and Make Work Fit Life Events

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9 Lives for Women is a career advisory firm for current and returning professionals. Through individual coaching services, live and online seminars, a popular blog and speaking at large events, founder Kathryn Sollmann helps smart, highly educated women integrate work and life through many ages and stages.

Kathryn created MAKE WORK FIT LIFE events, most recently attended by 200 mid to senior-level, current and returning professional women in Stamford, CT. was held in May, 2016 in Stamford, CT. Through these events (and a book she has underway, (Make Work Fit Life! Caring for Family & Financial Security in A More Flexible Workplace), 9 Lives for Women has launched a new, pragmatic dialogue on women and work. Kathryn believes that predominant "lean in" and "can women have it all" discussions link work primarily to the pros and cons of "get to the top" career advancement, skirting the issue of career sustainability and long-term financial security. The real question is whether women can fund a retirement that could last 30+ years—as well as all of life's "you never knows". The 9 Lives for Women mission is to keep women working.

A frequent media resource on work+life issues for the past 15 years, Kathryn has been interviewed on The Today Show, on NPR—and by Mika Brzezinski for CBS News. Her award-winning blog has been read by highly educated, accomplished current and professional women around the world and carried on Huffington Post, Linkedin, Forbes ​and other major sites.

This Find A Flexible Job & Make Work Fit Life course draws on Kathryn's recognized experience as a recruiter, career coach and work+life expert.

22 Short, Self-Paced Sessions, 12 Quick & Easy Printable Worksheets, Links to Recommended Reading, & A Discussion Forum Where Your Questions Are Answered By Recognized "Make Work Fit Life" Expert Kathryn Sollmann...all for total fee of $149.

Is Your Long-Term Financial Security Airtight?

Chances are the answer is no. Very few people have enough money saved for a retirement that could last 30 years or more—and all of life's you never knows.

In the 9 Lives for Women Motherhood & Career Ambition survey, a startling 73% of women in their mid 30s to mid 50s report that they have already experienced at least one life "you never know" that posed a huge financial challenge. Things like divorce, death or disability of a spouse, the major breadwinner's job loss or inconsistent earnings and unexpected financial support for up to four aging parents and/or adult children.

Work is an insurance policy against life "you never knows"—and any amount that you earn, save and invest adds up to financial security over time.

Even women who live in affluent communities need to work toward financial independence—and be role models for daughters and sons.

Today there is more than one traditional, corporate, more than full-time way to work, and this course gives you the tools find flexible work and make work fit life! 

What are women (and men!) saying about this unique course?

"So far I am really enjoying the course. I feel like there's a lot I didn't know and have been going about my search for flexible work in the wrong way..."

"I've just begun Session 1 and feel as if you're speaking directly to me. I've spent the past 14 years focused on raising my children and volunteering in my community. Transitioning back into the workforce is difficult -- Thank you for this wonderful resource for finding flexible work!"


"What a fabulous course. I'm digging in and starting the hard, but necessary work that I hoped I would not have to do. After 40+ years in significant roles, I did indeed expect flexible work to land in my lap. Now I know that won't happen..."

"I've been chipping away at your fabulous online course and finally understand how to name my personal brand and zero in on the real value I can bring to employers offering flexible work..."