Now Is A Good Time for A Work-Life Change! 

You've been thinking about looking for a more flexible job—or you want to return to work after time at home (and you'd never go back to that corporate grind you chose to leave behind!).

But the world is upside down now. Unemployment is rising. Economists say we're in a recession. You know even high-level professionals who have lost their jobs, been furloughed or taken a major pay cut.

Surely, it seems like absolutely the wrong time to be in the job market.

But it's not! Talented people who search for a job in the right way with the right tools, research and strategy do find interesting, lucrative and professional jobs in any job market, and in any economy.

Lay the Foundation for a Productive Job Search

When people are nervous about being out of work, applying to random jobs online makes them feel like they are getting something done. The fact is that applying for jobs without a clear plan is a lot of disconnected activity.

With this course you develop a strong and strategic foundation in as little as one week's time. The course is designed to keep you focused and constantly moving. It's too easy to devote too little time to your job search—prolonging it unnecessarily. The course keeps you motivated and on task—making real progress fast and consistent.

The program jumpstarts or revitalizes your job search through 7 pragmatic, straightforward sessions—covering your branding/elevator pitch, resume and LinkedIn profile development, job search communications, networking research, interview tips, and more. 

Job Search Basics for Mid to
Senior-Level Job Seekers Who Need
to Start Fresh & Get Out of
Job Board Hell

Whether you're a woman who has been home with family for the average 12-year hiatus or an executive who feels great jobs should have already fallen on your lap, I guarantee that you will find at least one golden nugget in this course that will transform your search for flexible work.

This course gives you valuable new perspectives on job search basics and makes sure that you know all your flexible work options today. You can quickly skim or delve deeply Into "how to" sessions that cover:

  • Your personal brand—and how to convey it powerfully in your resume through language, position descriptions and a summary statement that broadcasts your expertise
  • Your elevator speech—how to make it the solid, roll-off-your-tongue foundation for your networking communications and conversations
  • Your LinkedIn profile—how to craft a compelling headline and personal "About You" section that grabs the attention of recruiters and invites influential connections
  • Your networking research strategy—how to master this critical first phase in the job search process that even the smartest job seekers overlook, target potential employers that are a true match for your profile and build relationships that get your foot in the door
  • Your cover letter—how to persuasively sell your fit for a job using one very simple (but so rarely used) technique
  • Your interview—and how to anticipate and overcome potential obstacles and position yourself as the best possible candidate for the job.

What Women Say About the How to ALWAYS
Find the Work that Fits Your Life Course

"I've been chipping away at your fabulous online course and finally understand how to name my personal brand and zero in on the real value I can bring to employers offering flexible work."

"What a fabulous course. I'm digging in and starting the hard, but necessary work that I hoped I would not have to do. After 40+ years in significant roles, I did indeed expect flexible work to land in my lap. Now I know that won't happen."

"I've just begun your course and feel as if you're speaking directly to me. I've spent the past 14 years focused on raising my children and volunteering in my community. Transitioning back into the workforce is difficult. Thank you for this wonderful resource for finding flexible work!"

About Kathryn Sollmann,
Career Coach & Course Developer

As an author, speaker and coach, Kathryn Sollmann helps smart, capable, well-educated women integrate work and life through many ages and stages. Her mission is to keep women working toward financial security in a flexible way—alongside child and aging parent caregiving roles. 

Kathryn’s book, Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner Office Doesn’t Work for Every Woman & What to Do Instead (Hachette Business Group), has been called a “Business Book to Watch” by 800-CEO-READ. Her book is endorsed by Working Mother Magazine and is on the recommended reading list for IBM women worldwide.

A mother of two adult daughters, Kathryn has worked non-stop since age 16 in many flexible ways. Throughout her career she has negotiated flexible full-time and part-time schedules with demanding employers, launched several entrepreneurial ventures solo and with partners, established independent marketing communications and career coaching practices, worked in a home office as a telecommuter and generated a wide range of freelance projects—while managing a household, carpooling, attending school plays, tending to sudden health issues of aging parents, taking dogs to the vet and making yet another dinner. 

Kathryn knows well how difficult it can be to blend work and life, but she continually sounds a wake-up call for women who overlook the financial impact of career breaks for caregiving roles. In 2002, she co-founded the Women@Work Network, one of the first companies focused on helping women return to the workforce, and she has created and led many compelling events that show women alternatives to the more than full-time, traditional corporate grind. 

​​​​​​​A frequent media resource, Kathryn’s views on women, work and financial security have appeared in The Financial Times, on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal editorial pages, on Cheddar TV, Yahoo! Finance, WCBS Radio, The Today Show, ForbesWomen and NPR—and her work has been featured in CEO World, Thrive Global, Quartz@Work, Money, Next Avenue, Entrepreneur, Working Mother, and many other national and regional publications. Her Work-Life Blend Newsletter is read by women around the globe. 

​​​​​​​In her book and in discussions with women nationwide, Kathryn encourages no-apologies independence from the “lean in” and “break the glass ceiling” mantra: her message is to find your own brand of ambition and success, take full advantage of today’s more flexible workplace, chart alternate career paths that accommodate and fund life and tuck all generations of your family into a future that is financially secure and safe. 

Launch a job search the right way and find the work that fits your life! 

Make a small investment of $99 that will have a BIG impact on your job search success...and boost your financial security for many years to come.

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